Kontinental American Football

Kontinental American Football, like the Kontinental Hockey League refers to the Open Championships and National Leagues which have started since the fall of Communism in the former USSR in 1989. The Open Championships (such as the League of American Football) have featured teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Other Leagues have included an Independent Ukrainian League and a series of Central Asian Tournaments under the auspices of the CAAFA (Central Asian American Football Association).

American Football in Russia Billboard 1989
Billboard Poster advertising first ever game of American Football in Russia in 1979.

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Tom Kelly, the intrepid American with the Irish name attempted to organize the first American Football League in USSR in 1979.

It was not, however until 1989, that the first game was played in the USSR, and after a couple of tournaments and one USSR Championship the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Championship was born.

FAFR Russia Logo [References: 1]
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Kazan Motors set up the Autonomous “American Football for Everyone” (ANO) non-Profit Organization which united all the American Football teams (Children’s, Schools, Universities, Flag Football, Adult) in Tatarstan in 2006.

Russia, Ukraine & Belarus


ULAF (Results): 1999

Russia (FAFR)

Moscow-Kazan Friendlies

Kazan (Tatarstan) (ANO)

ANO Kazan Maturity Cup

Kazan Domestic Flag Football League

low angle photo of concrete building
Photo by Tobias Federle on Pexels.com

Tom Kelly, the intrepid American with the Irish name started the first Central Asian American Football Association in April 2002. From then until 2008 Kazakhstan team KIMEP Titans from Almaty played a series of friendlies versus Kyrgyzstan’s AUK American University of Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek BARS Leopards.

In 2004 the first Bishkek Challenge Games were played between two Leopards teams, and then in 2007 a second team was created in Bishkek: Golden Eagles and in 2008 a third: KNU (Kyrgyzstan National University). A three team tournament was then arranged between the three Bishkek teams in 2008.

Central Asia & TransCaucasia American Football

Turkey (TAFK), Central Asia (CAAFA)

Turkey (TAFK):

Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurlu Turkey Tournament (Seasons): 2001

Central Asia (CAAFA)

CAAFA Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)