Boxing and Fighting

Boxing and Fighting

Variations on Boxing include Olympic / Professional Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing (currently not sanctioned), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Kickboxing

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Ireland’s most successful Olympic Sport.

red boxing gloves
female athlete standing on boxing ring

Ultimate Fighting

Ultimate Fighting is a modern take on Boxing and other fighting games that originated in USA.

topless man in yellow shorts

Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting

The first Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting fight took place between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, with two events – one Boxing and one Ultimate Fighting taking place in the fight, held on different nights. It follows the Irish tradition of Compromise Rules between Gaelic Athletic Association sports and other sports such as Australian Football, Shinty, Pelota, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse and Golf.

rivals fighting in the ring

Kickboxing (Thailand)

Kickboxing originated in Thailand. Kicks as well as punches are allowed, as are a variety of weapons.

woman in black shirt and black shorts carrying black leather shoulder bag