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Mud Bowl 1938


Professional Mud Wrestling started in Akron, Ohio on 7 January 1938 when Miss Leona Gordon and Miss Mildred Burke competed in the first ever fight. Professional Mud Wrestling, like World Wrestling Entertainment is more for show or spectacle with the contestants not seriously trying to harm, injure or fight each other. For the record 2,500 spectators witnessed Mildred Burke declared the winner of the first ‘Mud Bowl’. [References: 1]

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SOUTHAMPTON, UK РJULY 4 : Women gather for the annual Race for Life Pretty Muddy fun run, to raise money for Cancer Research. 4 July 2015 in Southampton, UK. [Internet] Available from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_43484334_southampton-uk-july-4-women-gather-for-the-annual-race-for-life-pretty-muddy-fun-run-to-raise.html [Accessed 17 August 2023] ©rixie/123RF.COM


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